Friday, November 07, 2008

Implementing In-Application Programming on the ADuC702x

The ADuC702x Precision Analog Micro-controller provides a serial downloader for loading an assembled program into on-chip memory, but this requires a user to manually tie a pin low during reset or power on. In-application programming allows upgrades without touching the board. This article provides an easy method for upgrading programs.

Residual Noise Measurement Extracts DUT Noise from External Sources

Residual phase noise measurement cancels the effect of power supplies, input clocks, or other external noise sources. This article highlights the attributes of the residual phase noise setup and demonstrates how additive phase noise can be used to identify the source of noise-related issues.

Considering Multipliers, Part 1
[The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Leif–7]

Multipliers exploiting translinear loops, current-mirrors, current conveyors, and linear gm cells continue to be indispensable more than sixty years since the very first fully monolithic ICs were fabricated in 1967. In this futuristic tale, Drs. Newton Leif and Niku Chen discuss multiplier topologies, uses, and history. Leif also provides some hints as to how neurons, which are translinear, behave exactly like bipolar junction transistors.