Friday, November 02, 2007

Broadband I/Q Modulator Eases Radio Design

Modern digital radio transmitter design poses increasing challenges for equipment designers. The trend towards greater data throughput is increasing the modulation density and carrier bandwidth of transmitted signals. To maintain good adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) without increasing the rms power level, components with lower intermodulation distortion and lower noise must be used.

ESD Diode Doubles as Temperature Sensor

ESD diodes can be used to accurately measure the junction temperature of a high-speed amplifier. This article shows how, and compares this measurement with estimates obtained from the thermal specifications found on the data sheet.

Faster, Better Open-Loop Gain Measurements

It is often desirable to measure the performance of a feedback network in a particular configuration so as to model the open-loop behavior. But this type of measurement is often challenging due to high gains, small input signals, and long settling times. This article shows you how to characterize the frequency response of the network rapidly and with minimal effort, using available tools and a small amount of special circuitry.