Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Using Isolated RS-485 in DMX512 Lighting Applications

Theatrical lighting applications have evolved from lanterns in open-air theatres into the more complex systems available today. Modern lighting equipment includes dimmers, flashing lights, moving lights, colored lights, and gobos. These lighting systems are often controlled over long distances—up to 4000 feet—using the DMX512 communications protocol.

Synchronizing Device Clocks Using IEEE 1588 & Blackfin Embedded Processors

IEEE 1588 defines a protocol to synchronize distributed clocks on a network. The preferred clock synchronization method for many applications, it is cost-effective, supports heterogeneous systems, and provides nanosecond-level synchronization. The ADSP-BF518 Blackfin® processor includes dedicated hardware support for IEEE 1588. This article shows clock synchronization performance obtained using this solution.