Thursday, February 24, 2011

Volume 44, Number 4 Printable Edition

In This Issue
Editors’ Notes; New Product Introductions
Two Ways to Measure Temperature Feature Simplicity, Accuracy, and Flexibility
Inertial Sensors Facilitate Autonomous Operation in Mobile Robots
Multichannel DDS Enables Phase-Coherent FSK Modulation
High-Side Current Sensing with Wide Dynamic Range: Three Solutions
Boost Supply and High-Voltage DAC Provide Tuning Signal for Antennas and Filters
High-Performance Difference Amplifier with Precision Supply-Referenced Level Shift

Volume 44, Number 3 Printable Edition

In This Issue
Editors’ Notes; New Product Introductions
Low-Voltage Current Sink Controls High-Voltage LED String
New High-Resolution Multiplying DACs Excel at Handling AC Signals
Power Cycling 101: Optimizing Energy Use in Advanced Sensor Products
Dual Difference Amplifier with On-Chip Resistors Implements Precision ADC Driver
Quad, 16-Bit Voltage-/Current-Output DACs Save Space, Cost, and Power in Multichannel PLCs
High-Speed, Current-Feedback Amplifier Drives and Equalizes Up to 100-m VGA Cables

Activate Cell Phone Indicator LEDs While Preserving Standby Time

Cell phone manufacturers are pressed to provide status LEDs that alert users to messages waiting, impending appointments, and other notifications while the phone is in standby. At the same time, users demand longer battery life. This pair of seemingly simple issues presents manufacturers with a dilemma: how can they power notification LEDs while keeping standby consumption low?

Minimizing Noise and Power Consumption in Automotive Audio Systems with SigmaDSP

Digital signal processors bring the benefits of home theater to cars, supplanting radio/CD players with multimedia systems, where DSPs enable excellent audio performance and flexibility—and a powerful multimedia experience for passengers. A new approach to minimizing system noise and power consumption uses the SigmaDSP® processor and the SigmaStudio™ graphical development tool.