Tuesday, January 05, 2010

ADIsimPower Provides Robust, Customizable DC-to-DC Converter Designs

Designers of dc-to-dc converters are faced with an overwhelming number of options for power management ICs. Finding the best combination of features, performance, integration level, and price can be difficult enough, and the actual design work can be daunting. ADIsimPower™ simplifies the IC selection process and provides the information required to build an optimized dc-to-dc converter.

Termination of High-Speed Converter Clock Distribution Devices

When using clock distribution devices or clock fanout buffers to clock ADCs and DACs, two main sources of signal degradation need to be dealt with: PCB traces behave like low-pass filters, attenuating clock signals and distorting clock edges as they travel along the trace; and reflections can cause undershoot and overshoot, severely degrading the signal and the overall clock performance.