Thursday, April 20, 2006

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We've now archived all Analog Dialogue issues from Volume 19, 1985 through Volume 39, 2005, and plan to archive all remaining issues by the end of 2006. Please let us know if you find these timeless gems to be useful.

The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Leif

The Fourth Dee: Turning Over a New Leif

In the second installment of his fantasy, Barrie Gilbert introduces an example showing the power of circuit simulation. In a short time, Niku was able to gain valuable insights regarding the behavior of an ideal oscillator and to debunk the commonly held belief that it would start up given a spike on a supply or bias line.

In this story, Dr. Leif has provided some clues regarding the fourth “Dee” of Analog. We invite our readers to guess what Barrie has in mind, and to provide anecdotes from your experiences with simulators or with analog design in general.

Design Your Own VoIP Solution with a Blackfin® Processor—Add Enhancements Later

The age of voice-over-Internet-protocol is here, with packetized data streaming over low-cost Internet links. Designers must choose a cost-effective, easy to deploy, scalable platform that can implement a basic VoIP solution, while retaining plenty of capacity for value-added capabilities and services—like video, music, and imaging.

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