Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Multi-Voltage JTAG Chain

As low-power, handheld devices become more prevalent, printed circuit
boards with a mixture of 5-V, 3.3-V, 2.5-V, and 1.8-V devices have
become common, making the design of a JTAG chain challenging. The
designer must determine both the operating voltage and the order to
place devices that operate at different voltages. This article provides
some tips and techniques for making a robust design.

8-channel data-acquisition system

The principal factors that affect data acquisition systems are: speed,
accuracy, power dissipation, package size, and component cost, with
varying factors becoming critical depending upon the application. A
single op amp can be used to drive the ADC in an 8-channel data-
acquisition system, reducing the cost and size of the overall system.

Analog Front End for Femto Base Stations Brings Wireless Connectivity Home

Imagine a device that can provide high-quality cellular reception within
your home, allowing you and your family unlimited voice and data usage
for a low monthly fee. A femto base station, usually referred to as a
femtocell, provides all that and more. This small wireless device, which
improves local wireless coverage when placed in a home or office, is
poised to dramatically change the wireless infrastructure landscape.