Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Multichannel DDS Enables Phase-Coherent FSK Modulation

Common single-channel direct-digital synthesizers produce phase-continuous frequency transitions. In Doppler radar, NMR/MRI spectrometry, and other applications, however, phase-coherent transitions are preferred. This article demonstrates how to configure the AD9958/AD9959 multichannel DDS as a robust phase-coherent frequency-shift keyed (FSK) modulator by summing the DDS outputs.

Inertial Sensors Facilitate Autonomous Operation in Mobile Robots

Ground-based robot systems must often handle dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks in missions where direct human involvement is expensive, dangerous, or ineffective. Some robotic platforms can operate autonomously, using navigation systems to monitor and control their motion. Accuracy is key for useful autonomous operation. MEMS gyroscopes provide a mechanism for optimizing navigation performance.