Tuesday, February 03, 2009

This Should Work: Thermistor Senses Liquid Levels

In precision temperature measurement applications using thermistors, RTDs, or other resistive temperature sensors, care must be taken to avoid self-heating errors caused by the excitation current. In some applications, however, the self-heating effect can be put to good use. The design concept presented here should work, but it has not been fully tested.

Power Boost Circuit with Current Sense and Kelvin Connection

In automatic test equipment, low-current adjustable and high-current fixed voltage sources are available. An additional supply must be created when a high-current adjustable voltage source is required. This article shows how a high-current rail-to-rail op amp boosts the current of an adjustable voltage source.

Using MEMS Accelerometers as Acoustic Pickups in Musical Instruments

MEMS microphones have begun to dominate the broad consumer market, including cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, personal computers, and digital cameras. Now, key technologies used in MEMS accelerometers can bring a new dimension to acoustic transducers. Low-g accelerometers don't suffer from traditional feedback problems, and show clear potential as high-quality acoustic pickups for musical instruments.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Congratulations to winner Eliot Michaels and runners up Rich Miron, Barry Klein, and Michael Gale, all of whom scored 100% in the Analog Dialogue Scavenger Hunt. The correct answers are listed below.

A. Some maids don't do them

17. Adding Test Capability to a Window Comparator

B. This armor pushes buttons

21. AC Shield Enhances Remote Capacitive Sensing

C. What was Kirchhoff's previous law?

12. High Side Current Sensing: Difference Amplifier vs. Current-Sense Amplifier

D. Can you hear me now?

1. Analog Front End for Femto Base Stations Brings Wireless Connectivity Home

E. Not a retinal scan

6. Fingerprint Sensor and Blackfin Processor Enhance Biometric Identification

F. Catch an octopus

13. 8-channel data-acquisition system

G. Time for a low-cost antacid

22. Inexpensive High-Speed Amplifiers Make Flexible Clock Buffers

H. Superfund site

23. The Contaminator of Signals: HF Common-Mode-Generated Errors

I. Think about rabbits

2. Considering Multipliers, Part 1 [The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Leif-7]

J. Synchronize watches

11. Analog/Digital-Converter Clock Optimization: A Test Engineering Perspective

K. A good ruler

19. Linear Variable Differential Transformers

L. IP for better remote controls

3. Design, Simulate, and Document Proprietary Wireless Systems

M. Leftovers again?

15. Residual Noise Measurement Extracts DUT Noise from External Sources

N. Rein in the leaders

9. Discrete- and Integrated Control of Power Amplifiers in Base Stations

O. Trading stolen goods

8. Understanding Hot-Swap Controllers: Hot-Swap Circuit Design Example

P. They need to be saved

18. Protecting Off-Amps

Q. Is it loud in here?

7. Noise Figure and Logarithmic Amplifiers [The Wit and Wisdom of Dr. Leif—6]

R. More than one necklace

14. Multi-Voltage JTAG Chain

S. In-situ updates

16. Implementing In-Application Programming on the ADuC702x

T. Open your heart

5. Impedance Measurement Monitors Blood Coagulation

U. Try these hot dogs

24. BIST for Analog Weenies

V. Now we're cooking with gas. Not!

10. Cooking Inductively: ADI iCoupler Technology Isolates Hob and User Interface

W. Set that output straight

20. Open-Loop Calibration Techniques for Digital-to-Analog Converters

X. Stay on track

4. Maintaining Public Railways with Lower Cost and Improved Safety