Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Single-Chip Clock Generator with 14-Channel Distribution Solves Timing Challenges in Networks

Clock and timing requirements range from system-level synchronization to local signal distribution. Signal integrity experts interpret specifications, oversee testing, and recommend components guaranteed to maintain clean, low jitter clocks throughout the network.

Boost Precision and Accuracy with Single Chip Capacitance- and Impedance-to-Digital Converters

Precision capacitance- and impedance sensing traditionally required discrete components to be skillfully combined. Design, qualification, and component selection were time consuming. Now, two devices deliver higher accuracy, faster TTM, and reduced size, cost, and power.

Avoid Common Problems When Designing Amplifier Circuits

Modern op amps and in-amps provide great benefits to the designer, and a great many clever, useful, and tempting circuit applications have been published. But all too often, in one’s haste to assemble a circuit, some very basic issues are overlooked, leading to the circuit not functioning as expected—or perhaps at all. This article will discuss a few of the most common application problems and suggest practical solutions.

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