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The archives are now complete, including all issues dating back to Volume 1, 1967!

What does this mean? First of all, the world will have available a journalistic history of products, technologies, and applications Analog Devices has been involved in, including our many successes—and yes, the few egregious failures otherwise lost in the mists of history.

Second, you will meet many of the (by now, several generations of) engineers who were part of this stream, including (perhaps too much of) ourselves—and so will get a flavor of the times.

A few cautions are necessary: These pages are reproduced without further editing, and may contain inaccuracies, especially in light of the passage of time. Since many (perhaps most) of the products mentioned, especially in the earliest days, are obsolete and perhaps long forgotten, even by us, the words you read in our pages may be the only surviving record of their existence. Your expectations of obtaining further information from us should properly be low.

Looking back at sampled pages, we’re again impressed at their readability, but we also note that, even with the high-resolution scanning, the detail in some of the illustrations is inevitably lost. The interested reader may have to tap one’s own creativity to guess at the details. Finally, because the scanning technique does not recognize characters, sufficient information has not been available to conveniently assemble a helpful index the easy way.
So with these caveats, we invite the historically interested reader to plunge into this literary stream and sample our global flow of signal processing products, technologies, and applications, as viewed from Norwood, Massachusetts.

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Digital Isolation Offers Compact, Low-Cost Solutions to Challenging Design Problems

New isolation capabilities—including integrated, isolated power and truly bidirectional isolation channels—are greatly simplifying the design of isolated systems. Fueled by a shift from LED-based optocouplers to chip-scale microtransformer technology that is compatible with standard CMOS processes, they fit more functionality into a single package. This article discusses two kinds of devices that embody these advances.

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