Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Toward More-Compact Digital Microphones

As electret microphones become smaller, their element capacitance decreases. JFET preamps no longer suffice, as their relatively large input capacitance attenuates the signal from the microphone. Much can be gained by replacing JFET amplifiers with CMOS analog and digital circuitry, including easier gain setting, multiple functional modes, direct digital outputs, enhanced sound quality, and higher noise immunity.

Highly Integrated, Programmable Single-Component Sensors for Industrial System Design

Inertial sensors can improve performance in industrial systems, but a gap has long existed between sensor technology and its implementation. The iSensor™ family is closing this gap in industrial sensor applications. The ADIS16201 is the first implementation of the new technology.

Data and Power Isolation in One Package Provides Total Isolation Solution

Systems that require galvanic isolation need a small, low-cost way to isolate both power and data. Optocouplers can isolate data but cannot generate power; transformers can provide power but are not effective at isolating data. isoPower™ technology offers a new approach.