Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Simple Ambient Light Sensor Circuit

Ambient light is increasingly considered as a source for harvesting energy to power heartbeat monitors, bathroom fixtures, remote weather sensors, and other low-power devices. At the heart of an energy-harvesting system is the ability to measure ambient light accurately. This design idea describes a simple, cost-effective circuit that provides a voltage proportional to the intensity of ambient light.


At 5:44 AM, Anonymous AndyB said...

The article starts by suggesting that ambient light is a means for harvesting power for certain equipment and I have no problems with that at all but, if you already have a solar power source, isn't it feasible to measure its output rather than waste a further 500uA by using an LDR? Maybe the light to voltage o/p of solar cells is not easily translated to a realistic estimation of ambient light. I'm no expert of course and I'm only pointing out what is probably stupid to point out because I'm missing the point but it did rather remind me of a design someone did for a solar powered torch.... it was a spoof article back then but, as it turns out, a spin-off is sold in a lot of garden centres that provides "free" outdoor lighting in the evening/night!!!


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